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Behaviorally-based consulting and ABA educational services to children with autism, PDD, and other developmental disabilities

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We strive to provide no-compromise educational experiences to children with exceptional needs, based on the latest behavioral research and educational technology.  Our mission is to children and their parents above all and then to the community at large.   Expertise, efficiency and caring are critical determinants of our success.   

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Located near metropolitan Boston and founded as a general consulting company in 1986, we are behaviorally trained and focused on the developmentally-sequenced educational curriculum.   Our students span a wide range, from beginners to very advanced, with and without persistant interfering behaviors.

Member of the Association for Behavior Analysis, Berkshire Association for Behavior Analysis and Therapy, ABA Special Interest Group for Autism

Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Board Certified Associate Behavior Analysts

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As consultants we provide services to schools, families, and children in Southeastern Connecticut, the I395 corridor (Mass - CT), and the Medway/Milford, MA area.  As trainers and program evaluators, we are available nationally and internationally. Contact Tyler Fovel using one of the methods below for more information.

(508) 314-0191              
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15 Deerfield Rd. Medway, MA 02053
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